Health & Wellness

We offer spa and traditional hot-stone bath services. Just befitting the relaxing service of our spa and hot-stone bath, our wellness center is popularly known as Gakiling.

Gakiling means a ‘happy place’ and the name just blends throughout. We strive to offer our guests the promised state, the happy state through our wellness services.  

Right from the locale of the parlor on a commanding position offers a relaxing scenario of the nature. Get yourself a massage in our parlor for a guaranteed satisfaction of a pleasurable sensory journey. Lie peacefully in the comfort of our massage parlor as our masseuse or the masseur breaks the knots in your aching muscles to comfort you. You will leave energized for a peaceful slumber to the next day’s activities.

Apart from modern bathing, the resort also offers the traditional hot-stone bath. As the stones are reddened by the flames of the fire, they are then immersed into a wooden bathing tub. The water is garnished with local medicinal herbs that catalyzes a relaxing balance of body, mind and the soul.

Staying immersed in the wooden bathtub for quite a long time and right after it getting our signature massage will leave you in a heavenly state.