Food & Beverages

We offer our guests a choice to dine in any one of our restaurants.

Serving one of the best authentic Bhutanese cuisine in the valley is our ‘Yuee Chuum’ restaurant.

‘Yuee Chuum’ means local rice. Paro is popularly known for the red rice, owing to its nutritional values, it is also exported to developed country such as United States of America. However, we named the restaurant ‘yuee chuum’ because Paro is known as the ‘Rice bowl of Bhutan.’

Our other restaurant is a multi-cusine restaurant- ‘Thori’ and it means heaven. One exclusive reason to name it so is for the view it offers from our multi-cusine restaurant. By large, the name of this restaurant dwells in the concept that human must eat as it is the basic need to survive. It is through hard work we can afford to eat and once we eat, we continue our lives. Interlinking with this basic need and satisfaction, the name struck for the restaurant.  

Bar Lounge

As you come weary after a day’s hustle, unwind yourself in our bar-lounge.

For most people, whether they come to our bar to just toss a bottle of beer or to get tipsy, the atmosphere immediately settles for a good mood. Away from the dazzle that might intoxicate you ruthlessly- our environment that is supplemented by warm lights and soothing music in the backdrop lets you enjoy every sip of your drink.

The bar-lounge is tended by a professional bartender. We offer every other international class of whiskey, rum or wines. Coming to beers, we strictly serve only local beers.

It is through the plush setting of our bar-lounge that is designed with the right amount of lighting and a seating that lets’ guests sip or gulp in comfort, the resort’s bar-lounge is yet another spark of our resort. It is not only remarkable, we make our guests drink responsibly by asking after every other pint that our guests are just tipsy to last the night gleefully.