Bar Lounge

Bar Lounge:
As you come weary after a day’s hustle, unwind yourself in our bar-lounge.For most people, whether they come to our bar to just toss a bottle of beer or to get
tipsy, the atmosphere immediately settles for a good mood. Away from the dazzle that might intoxicate you ruthlessly- our environment that is supplemented by
warm lights and soothing music in the backdrop lets you enjoy every sip of your drink. The bar-lounge is tended by a professional bartender. We offer every other
international class of whiskey, rum or wines. Coming to beers, we strictly serve only local beers. It is through the plush setting of our bar-lounge that is designed with the right amount of lighting and a seating that lets’ guests sip or gulp in comfort, the resort’s bar-lounge is yet another spark of our resort. It is not only remarkable, we make our guests drink responsibly by asking after every other pint that our guests are just tipsy to last the night gleefully.