Activities in Resort

As cycling is getting popularity amongst the locals and tourists in Paro, we have bicycles for hire. In recent times, cycling enthusiasts are coming together to make many cycling trails. We will happily guide you through the trails.

Don’t panic if you are a beginner or loathe easy trails, there are trails for all to conquer differently. At 13000 feet, Chele La mountain pass is the highest road pass in the country. Owing to the vantage point, tourists prefer to freewheel down the mountain pass feasting upon the dense spruce and larch forests.

It is also a good experience to just cycle around the town. To the growing popularity of cycling in the town, the roads have been marked for cyclists’ safety.

Cultural Programs

Ever wondered how masked dances are staged or how Bhutanese men and women dance? It might not be no festive season or day during your visit to Bhutan yet we offer our guests to experience festivity in our own premises.

See the enthralling and a soothing cultural programs staged in our premises. Our guests are mesmerized by the hand gestures of our Bhutanese dancers swiftly taking flight like a bird and in a perfect accord, the body movements are just impeccable.

In an almost hour or so, you will have witnessed all diverse cultural programs in Bhutan. No guests leaves our hotel without exceedingly entertained.

Archery & Darts

In our premises, carved out of the lofty hills is the archery and a dart length.

Our sharpened arrows and darts are offered for free to our guests to let you enjoy Bhutanese sports so as to enjoy a Bhutanese way of life as our motto tells.

In just three rounds, the women will have shoo-shy you. It is customary that the opponent teams are disturbed by the cheerleaders of the rival team yet all in a good spirit.

Tiring it might seem, what keeps the players going in high spirit is a cup of locally brewed moonshines.

Before you head onto your other leg of journey, come play Archery and Darts.

Wedding and Events

Locals and tourists alike, they come to us to let us host weddings and events. We place a huge importance on such occasions.

Tourists prefer destination wedding in Bhutan. It is more so that they fall in love with our costumes, unique and beautiful. It is also the processions that follows one after another, offering scarves, reciting vows, exchanging bowls of holy water and gifts and a dance to conclude.

And, the memory stays forever captured in a digital bubble as we also offer our services to hire camera professionals.

All in the name to construct a monument of memory, we offer a platform for all our guests in our premises to do so.

Zomsa-Banquet Hall

For any type of meet, opt for our 50-seater banquet hall. We call our multi-purpose hall as Zomsa.

Zomsa means a rendezvous or a place to meet. The banquet hall is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate a superior standard conventions. As we glance the yesterdays, over the years, we have seen so much people meet in Zomsa in gamuts of emotions.

In the past, it has been hired for multitude of occasions such as social, cultural, political and for promotional activities. We arrange the hall according to your needs. In the banquet hall, we also cater refreshments and meals.

Zomsa is not only a unique name, it has astrological significance too. It is a blessed place for success of any mission a convention sets to meet in the future.